//o Polsce - about Poland//Over 1000 years of Europe's history has influenced Poland's today image as a mainstay of natural beauty and hospitality. Come and visit a Polish family house and you will find jars of organic honey, meat, fruits and crispy Polish bread. You will also find impeccable nature with acres of historical forests, picturesque lakes and rivers, captivating mountains and amazing coastline. Lovely little towns and cities offering various attractions will satisfy all your demands. Discover Poland at its best and fall in love with its uniqueness. //Mazury//Mazury. Forests, lovely little towns and captivating lakes will fascinate especially those who love sailing, kayaking and diving. There are 42 lakes. In some of them you can find sunken shipwrecks. You will also find all tourist facilities here. Keen walkers and cycling amateurs will love it here, especially if they like nature as well as history presenting itself with abundance of monuments.***Among the many highlights of the region, the following are the most interesting: //Grunwald//, the place where the greatest medieval battle took place, numerous castles that belonged to the Knights of the Teutonic Order, Poland's highest viaducts, unusual bridge, unique narrow-gauge rail track, and a popular festival of country music which is held annually in //Mragowo//. There are also many stables offering horse riding lessons, and a beautiful //Wigierski// National Park with over 200 birds species. ***Gourmets will enjoy delicious regional dishes: stewed pike or catfish with onion, cream and lemon or traditional soup called //czernica//, famous for its great taste and history - it used to be given as a refusal to a young man who wanted to ask a girl's hand.