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European vacation: Zielona Gora
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Hotel Polan
65-175 Zielona Góra, Staszica 9 a

phone+48 (0) 68 327 00 91

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Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne AS
Ochla k/Z.Góry, ul. Strumykowa 3

Price / day: 60 GPB

phone+68/ 321 15 86

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Tanie Noclegi Zielona Góra

Price / day: 35 GPB


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City: Zielona Gora Interesting: Nowogrod Bobrzanski, Kursko (Shill), Keszyca (MRU), Kalawa (MRU) Castle: Lagow

Zielona Gora

The City of Zielona Gora (Green Mountain) apart from its long history, is famous for wine production and grapevine cultivation which were started here in the 14th century. Unfortunately, after World War II, the last vineyards were closed. At present there are numerous cultural festivals, concerts of jazz and classical music.
Attractions: Vinous Park with the last vineyard in the city; a greenhouse and a wine-making house. Formerly, there used to be a couple of hundred such houses but only one has survived to the present day. Tourists can visit also an 18th century church and the Museum of Lubuska Province.

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