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European vacation: Kampinoski National Park
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AgroKultura Korfowe
05-085 Kampinos,

phone48608 782033

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City: Warszawa, Kazimierz Dolny Parki Narod: Kampinoski PN Interesujące: Witkowice, Cmentarz Powazkowski Castle: Janowiec, Drzewica

Kampinoski National Park

Currently, the park covers 38,544 ha, 70% of which are forests. A park feature is the presence of the river birch Betula obscura.
There is an abundance of fauna in the park which consists of over 16,500 species. The park has experienced the reintroduction of animal species: elk, beaver, lynx. 19 new species for science and 14 new for Poland were found in the park.
Hiking, biking, horse riding and cross-country skiing during the winter are allowed in the park. They are facilitated by 357.8 km of marked trails. 15 car parks, 6 rest sites and camping sites located on the park borders are available to visitors.

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