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European vacation: Zamosc
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Zamość, Wólka Panieńska 21

Price / day: 70 GPB

phone tel. (84) 641 17 42

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City: Zamosc Spas: Naleczow National Parks: Roztoczanski Interesting: Lublin Castle: Krupe


In the 16th century, a famous architect, B. Morando, designed Zamosc for the rich house of Zamojski. Zamosc is supposed to be a great and powerful stronghold designed in accordance with the idea of "a perfect city". This city was one of only three not to be captured by Swedes during the war.
Attractions: one of the biggest palaces in Europe (100 by 100 meters); The huge town-hall with a viewpoint for tourists and a place from where a trumpeter plays a bugle-call. Numerous tenement houses full of ornaments; buildings of Jewish baths -a very rare structure; a cathedral - one of the most splendid Renaissance temples in Poland; the first ZOO in Europe (1920) at-the-school.

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