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European vacation: Roztoczanski National Park
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Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne u Majow
józefów, Szopowe 44

Price / day: 30 GPB

phone0 84 6879397

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City: Zamosc Spas: Naleczow National Parks: Roztoczanski Interesting: Lublin Castle: Krupe

Roztoczanski National Park

Currently the Park's total area amounts to 8,483 ha, 8,102 ha of which is afforested. Fir trees here reach the largest size in Poland (50 m in height, 470 cm in circumference).
The Park is populated by such large mammals as: red deer, roe deer, wild boar, fox, common marten, badger, and wolf. In 1982, Polish horses, descendants of wild forest Bilgorai horse, were introduced in the Park.
There are five tourist trails in the Park, named "centralny" (central), "krawedziowy" (edge), "partyzancki" (partisan), "roztoczanski" (Roztocze) and "szlak obwodnica RPN im. A. Wachniewskej" (the A. Wachniewska circular trail). Five interpretative foot-paths and one bicycle route are also available for visitors.

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