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European vacation: Wroclaw
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Hotel Podkowa
Siewierz, Sucha 4

Price / day: 160 GPB

phone48 (32) 6741395

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50-159 Wrocław, pl. Dominikański 1

phone+48 (0) 71 323 27 00

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Hotel Orbis
53 – 332 Wroclaw, Powstańców Śląskich 7

Price / day: 200 GPB

phone(+48 71) 361-46-51

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Wrocław, św. Mikołaja 67


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54-132 Wrocław, Lotnicza 151

phone+48 (0) 71 351 81 53

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53-011 Wrocław, Wyścigowa 35

phone+48 (0) 71 339 80 5

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Hotel Gem
Wroclaw, . Baudouina de Courtenay

Price / day: 160 GPB

phone(071) 372-90-13

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City: Wroclaw Spas: Polanica Zdroj, Ladek Zdroj Interesting: Zloty Stok, Jaworzyna, Gora Sleza Castle: Ratno Dolne, Glogowek


The capital of Lower Silesia in one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Poland. It is described as "the holy blossom of Europe, a beautiful gem among cities". The Odra River branches out to form 12 islands linked by 112 bridges.
The Town Hall is considered one of the most splendid Gothic buildings in Central Europe. The city is also famous for its globally-acknowledged musical festival Wratislavia Cantans.
Wroclaw is full of magic places. The medieval slaughterhouse has a statue in memory of the animals slaughtered there. The city has always made a living from trade so it is no wonder it has a number of squares. Beside the Market Square, there is Solny (salt) Square and Nowy Targ (New Market).
Szczytnicki Park, dating from the 18th century contains almost 400 species of trees and shrubs.

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