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European vacation: Dunajec
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  • Localization: Dunajec

Poland wczasy Poland wakacje
Wczasy w Polsce wczasy
Spas: Iwonicz Zdroj, Krynica Interesting: Lipowiec, Czermna, Sromowce Wyzne (Splyw Dunajcem) Castle: Niedzica , Czorsztyn, Zawada, Przeclaw, Rzeszow

Rafting on Dunajec

In Sromowce Wyzne you can start one of the most beautiful trips in southern Poland. On five narrow boats joined in one forming a raft, for over 100 years rafts men have floated downstream showing the tourists the breathtaking views of the Dunajec Gorge. Now you can have same experience. The rafts men will take you right to the heart of the steep Pieniny Mountains telling many interesting legends, folk stories and jokes.

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