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European vacation: Ojcowski National Park
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Chata w Korytani
32-047 Ojców,

Price / day: 25 GPB

phone(012) 389 29 05

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City: Czestochowa National Parks: Ojcowski PN Interesting: Pustynia Bledowska Castle: Olsztyn, Ostreznik, Mirow, Bobolice, Smolen, Pilica, Ogrodzieniec, Bedzin, Rabsztyn, Skala, Siewierz

Ojcowski National Park

Its present area occupies 2,146 ha, out of which 1,528 ha are covered by forests.
The massive limestone is resistant to wind erosion and forms in the valleys spectacular mogotes and isolated rocks of fantastic shapes ("Maczuga Herkulesa" - Hercules' Club, "Igla Deotymy" - Deotyma's Needle, and others). The Park has 400 caves and numerous other karst forms, such as rising springs.Research conducted so far has documented about 5,500 species of animals. Among the 15 species of bats, Geoffrey's bat, which has its northern geographical limit here, is the most interesting.
Because of its close proximity to the city of Cracow, the Park is visited by many tourists catered for by numerous facilities (a museum, nature trails, shelters, etc.).

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