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European vacation: Gora Zar / Zar Mountain
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  • Localization: Gora Zar / Zar Mountain

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City: Krakow, Zakopane, Bialka Tatrzanska, Bukowina Tatrzanska, Ustron, Szczyrk Spas: Rabka National Parks: Babiogorski PN, Tatrzanski PN Interesting: Mloszowa, Oswiecim, Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, Gora Zar, Wieliczka, Wawelski Lotos Castle: Ojcow, Rudno, Babice

Zar Mountain

Zar Mountain (Glow Mountain) is over 762 meters high and the panorama from the top of will delight everyone. Formerly, the mountain was a popular place among glider pilots. Nowadays, you will find here mainly hang-gliders. A power plant is located on the top of the mountain as well as two artificial water reservoirs, which are reminiscent of science-fiction movies. An incredible phenomenon you can observe here - cars in one special place roll… uphill!

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