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European vacation: Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot
European vacation in Poland - choose a place

Gdynia, Armii Krajowej 22 22

phone(0) 58 666 30 40

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Hotel Nadmorski
Gdynia, Ejsmonda 2

Price / day: 299 GPB

phone(0-58) 699-33-33

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ABAK Pokoje Gościnne
Gdańsk, Beethovena 8

Price / day: 60 GPB

phone/58/ 322 04 40

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81-372 Gdynia, Armii Krajowej 22

phone+48 (0) 58 666 30 40

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Gdańsk, Kapliczna 30

phone(0) 58 511 30 00

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Novotel Marina
Gdańsk, Jelitkowska 20

phone(0) 58 558 91 00

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Antares Hotel
81-232 Gdynia, Komandorska 59

Price / day: 149 GPB

phone+48 58 623 36 39

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City: Chalupy, Jastarnia, Hel, Gdynia, Sopot, Gdansk, Braniewo, Rozewie Interesting: Dworzec w Gdansku Castle: Malbork, Sztum, Kwidzyn

The Tri-city area: Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot

The Tricity. Gdansk is a Hanseatic town, the origins of which date back over 1000 years. It was here, in 1980, that Solidarity under Lech Walesa began the fight for Poland's independence. The 17th century figure of Neptune on top of a Renaissance style fountain sums up the essence of Gdansk. The City Hall, renowned for its Renaissance beauty, was enlarged and enhanced throughout the succeeding centuries. The maritime Aquarium in Gdynia is a delight for enthusiasts of exotic aquatic life. Gdynia is proof of the economic strength of the Poles, who, having regained their independence in 1918 after 150 years of occupation, took less than 11 years to build one of the greatest ports on the Baltic. The history of maritime culture can be viewed at the Central Maritime Museum found in the renowned Polish spa-Sopot.
Near the city you can see the classic medieval fortress Malbork founded by the Teutonic Knights in 1276.
Amber is a typical souvenir of the Tri-city. If you fail to find any on the beaches, there are ready-made amber decorative items and jewellery on sale at the numerous souvenir shops in the Tri-city area.

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