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European vacation: Darlowo
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Darłowo, Bałtycka 6

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City: Mielno, Darlowo, Ustka National Parks: Slowinski PN Interesting: Kluki, Wesiory, Wdzydze, Odry Castle: Bytow


The history and traditions of the city of Darlowo date back over 8 centuries. The mediaeval plan of the city has been preserved to a great extent. A part of Darlowo called Darlowek is located near the sea from where you can easily reach some beautiful beaches.
Attractions:in Darlowek, the only bascule bridge in Poland ; not far away there is a lighthouse and a port with numerous fishing boats. a 12th century castle which used to be a hospital, prison and finally a museum and an old mill located on the Wieprza River.

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