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European vacation: Slowinski National Park
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"MAJA" Pokoje gościnne
84-352 Charbrowo k/Łeby, 93

Price / day: 27 GPB

phone0-606 87 31 53

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Łeba, Brzozowa 18

Price / day: 95 GPB

phone059 8661342

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City: Mielno, Darlowo, Ustka National Parks: Slowinski PN Interesting: Kluki, Wesiory, Wdzydze, Odry Castle: Bytow

Slowinski National Park

Currently, it covers an area of 20 000 ha, out of which 10 000 ha are water reservoirs and 1 are forests. 7 rivers flow through the Park.
Over 260 different species are found in the park. You will also find here deer, wild boar and racoons.
Tourists can follow 140 km of walking trails that lead through the most outstanding parts of the Park showing its natural splendour and breathtaking landscapes.
Nearby, an open-air museum, located in the village of Kluki, displays the fascinating culture of the Kashubian tribe.

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