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European vacation: Olsztyn
European vacation in Poland - choose a place

Alicja Wypych
14-100 Ostróda, Górka 8b

Price / day: 30 GPB

phone+48 089 646 46 51

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Novotel w Olsztynie
10-802 Olsztyn, Sielska 4a

phone(0) 89 522 05 00

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Hotel >>Na Skarpie
Olsztyn, Gietkowska 6a

Price / day: 110 GPB

phone89 526 92 11

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11-332 Lutry, Wągsty 24

Price / day: 30 GPB

phone089/716 21 95

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City: Mikolajki, Olsztyn Interesting: Gierloz, Botkuny Castle: Lidzbark


Olszyn is a city with over 180 thousand inhabitants and the main city of the region. In summer the city is bustling and full of tourists. From Olsztyn you have easy access to Mazury - the land of 1000 lakes. Beautiful lakes and a forest surround the city. Annually, in February and March, festivals and Theatre Meetings take place here.

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