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European vacation: Mikolajki
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Viki Mierzeja
82-120 Krynica Morsk, Nowa 17

phone+48 /55/ 247-63-94

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City: Mikolajki, Olsztyn Interesting: Gierloz, Botkuny Castle: Lidzbark


This small town has a history stretching bach almost six centuries and is considered as one of the most interesting towns in the region. The 19th century church in centre of the town and its charming main street- Kajki are both worth visiting. According to legend a local fishermen, a long time ago, imprisoned the king of the Sielawy River. In exchange for a promise to release him, the fishermen were told that they would always always have a big catch. Nowadays, the city is a typical example of a summer resort.

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