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European vacation: Wigierski National Park
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Pokoje nad Wigrami
16-412 Stary Folwark 79,

Price / day: 25 GPB

phone(0-87) 563-77-52

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National Parks: Wigierski PN, Biebrzanski PN Interesting: Stanczyki

Wigierski National Park

Nowadays, its area totals 15,000 ha and includes 10 000 ha of forests, 3000 ha of waterways.
About 1,700 species of invertebrate have been found in the Park, including rare and protected species of butterflies, beetles, hymenopterans, and dipterans. Large predators are represented by wolves (a couple of animals).
The most interesting historical sites include: a monastery complex that remained after the Wigry Camaldolite brothers who were there between 1667 and 1800.
Hikers and bikers will find here about 190 km of trails. Sailors and anglers have camping sites and the largest lakes at their disposal.

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