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European vacation: Ciechocinek
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Ciechocinek, Traugutta 5

Price / day: 110 GPB

phone 054/ 283-42-71

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Eden Ośrodek Leczniczo-Rehabilitacyjny
87-720 Ciechocinek, Słońska 15

phone+48 54 283 60 82

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Klinika Uzdrowiskowa "Pod Tężniami" im. Jana Pawła II
Ciechocinek, Warzelniana 7

Price / day: 100 GPB

phone054 416 70 00

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City: Torun Spas: Ciechocinek Interesting: Grunwald Castle: Kwidzyn


Ciechocinek is a well known and popular health resort. The most popular spot in the town and, at the same time, a reference point for inhabitants and health resort visitors - is the Grzyb (Mushroom) Fountain. Nearby are the biggest chimney coolers(tężnie) in Europe - special devices which evaporate salt water. Strolls along the teznie regulate blood pressure and clear the respiratory tracts. Tourists should visit the Spring Water Park and use the pump rooms.

  • Musculo-skeletal system disorders,
  • circulatory system disorders,
  • rheumatic disease,
  • urinary tract diseases,
There are numerous spas in Poland. Some of them have long traditions. One of the oldest spas in Poland is //Cieplice Zdroj// - it's records date back to the year 1281.//choroby - diseases//

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