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European vacation: Torun
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87-100 Toruń, KRASZEWSKIEGO 1

phone(0) 56 619 65 50

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Hotel Wodnik
Toruń, Bulwar Filadelfijski 12

Price / day: 80 GPB

phone(056) 655 56 97

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Rubbens Hotel
Łysomice k/Torunia, Toruńska 10a

Price / day: 70 GPB

phone56 678-31-15

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City: Torun Spas: Ciechocinek Interesting: Grunwald Castle: Kwidzyn


Torun is the home town of one of the most famous and important astronomers in the world - Nicolaus Copernicus who, according to the inscription on his monument- stopped the Earth and moved the Sun. In the Middle Ages, the city grew mainly because of theTeutonic Knights. Nowadays, it has over 300 various historic monuments and the city is a popular tourist destination. Attractions: the 14th century city-hall with an exhibition of medieval art; The gothic church of the Holy Virgin Mary; The 13th century leaning tower which is tilted 1.4 meter from the perpendicular; Copernicus' house - the museum; the ruins of the Teutonic Knights' castle which currently houses a pub.

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