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European vacation: Plock
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Hotel Płock
Płock, Jachowicza 38

Price / day: 140 GPB


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09-400 Płock, AL.JACHOWICZA 49

phone(0) 24 262 44 51

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City: Lodz, Plock Interesting: Piatek, Nieborow, Arkadia, Lichen Castle: Uniejow, Leczyca


Plock is famous in Poland mainly for its petrochemical industrial plant. But in this city of 140,000 people,you can find much more than that: a ZOO, various parks and sports facilities, to name only a few. You can hire a boat and if you have a pilot's license, planes are waiting for you in the nearby areoclub.
Attractions: an especially interesting place is Tumskie Hill (Wzgorze Tumskie). It is only 30 meters high but you can find here a park and the Diocesean Museum where tourists can see suits of armour, paintings, intricate liturgical dishes and books. The promenade and the old market square is worth visiting as well.

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