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City: Warszawa, Kazimierz Dolny Parki Narod: Kampinoski PN Interesujące: Witkowice, Cmentarz Powazkowski Castle: Janowiec, Drzewica

Witkowice Battle

On 17th and 18th September1939, the biggest battle of the year was fought on the fields near the Bzura river. Witkowice was the spot where Polish soldiers forded a river fighting with hundreds of German planes and a panzer division. Even today you can see very clearly: the trench lines, shooting positions and craters. In the place where the fording took place you will find an unusual monument in memory of the heroic soldiers.

The Museum of The Sochaczew Region and The Battle of The Bzura River

Kosciuszki 2, 96-500 Sochaczew, Poland; phone: (0-46) 862-33-09

The Museum of The Sochaczew Region and The Battle of The Bzura River assembles a collection of items from World War II (especially regarding September1939 Campaign in Poland). They are presented in a permanent exhibition, "The Battlefield 1939-1945". Most of the exhibits are connected with the battles, which lasted from the 9th to the 20th September 1939 - the greatest battle of the first campaigns of World War II.

Two Polish Divisions took part in this battle: the Poznan Division, commanded by General Tadeusz Kutrzeba and the Pomeranian Division, commanded by General Wladyslaw Bortnowski. The Polish forces engaged the 4th, 8th and 10th German armies.

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