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European vacation: Lodz
European vacation in Poland - choose a place

90-368 Łódź, Piłsudskiego 11

phone+48 (0) 42 638 67 00

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90-102 Łódź, Piotrkowska 72

Price / day: 255 GPB

phone42 633 99 20

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Łódź, Legionów 81

Price / day: 80 GPB


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Hotel Daria
Łódź, Studencka 2/4

Price / day: 120 GPB

phone(042) 659-82-44

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City: Lodz, Plock Interesting: Piatek, Nieborow, Arkadia, Lichen Castle: Uniejow, Leczyca


The modern city of Lodz, with its massive factory buildings, towers and huge gates stands out from other Polish cities. Its unusual looks can be attributed to 19th century boom at the international market. Among those uncanny buildings you can find many beautiful edifices: palaces, detached houses, old department stores and banks. The buildings represent variety of architectural styles dating back from 19th century till the present day. Piotrkowska Street, the longest in Poland and the most important street in Lodz, crosses the city from one end to the other. Lodz is famous also because of its Film Academy which is the Alma Mater of many outstanding Polish film makers. The Museum of Cinematography is worth visiting as well.
City meets the expectations of those who are interested in culture and business events: tourist's song festival Yapa; Mediatravel - international festival of explorers and travellers; Four Cultures Festival- unusual dialogue between Germans, Jews, Russian and Poles. It is a must to know that Lodz is truly a multicultural city.

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