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European vacation: Warszawa
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  • Localization: Warszawa

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City: Warszawa, Kazimierz Dolny Parki Narod: Kampinoski PN Interesujące: Witkowice, Cmentarz Powazkowski Castle: Janowiec, Drzewica

Powazki Cemetery

The14th century village of Powazki was first transformed into a garden and then into a cemetery and is nowadays the biggest necropolis in Warsaw.
Over 1 million people, among them some of the best known people in Poland, are buried here. The monuments found at the cemetery are sometimes rare and priceless works of art in a variety of architectural styles characteristic of the period in which they were built.
The most interesting monuments of each style can be found respectively: neoclassical (10,28.8); neo-Gothic (2,V,23); eclectic (19,C,27); romantic (11,174);art nouveau (40,84); modernist (Z,176); avant-garde (220,188); unusual (179,84,39, 199a).

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