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European vacation: Gniezno
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City: Poznan, Gniezno National Parks: Wielkopolski PN Interesting: Lednogora (Wielkopolski Park Etnograficzny)


Gniezno was built on several hills. Since the Middle Ages the city has changed a lot. Numerous wars, including World War II, have destroyed most of the old buildings. Gniezno is closely connected with the origins of Poland. There is a legend which says that three brothers Lech, Czech and Rus were looking for space to found a settlement and they arrived at this beautiful hilly place overgrown with forests and surrounded by a couple of lakes. On the top of a hill they found an old oak with a silver eagle sitting in it, and this is where they decided to found a city. *Attractions: a very interesting Museum of the Polish State; the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary's Assumption and the Cathedral of Saint Wojciech - where tourists can see a beautiful chancel and the famous Gniezno Gates and grounds.

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