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European vacation: Warszawa
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Warszawa, Zagorna 1

phone(0) 22 625 44 00

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Hotel Relax
Warszawa, Dudziarska 7a

Price / day: 20 GPB

phone(0-22) 513-11-91

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Hotel Holiday Inn
Warszawa, Złota 48

phone(0) 22 697 39 99

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Hotel Praski
Warszawa, Al. Solidarnosci 61

Price / day: 160 GPB

phone(0-22) 818-49-89

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Hotel Mazowiecki
Warszawa, Mazowiecka 10

Price / day: 150 GPB

phone+48 022 827 23 65

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Hotel Mundial
01-452 Warszawa, Ks. Bolesława 1/3

Price / day: 120 GPB

phone(0-22) 323-60-95

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Warszawa, Bukowska 350

Price / day: 110 GPB

phone(0-61) 868-24-00

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City: Warszawa, Kazimierz Dolny Parki Narod: Kampinoski PN Interesujące: Witkowice, Cmentarz Powazkowski Castle: Janowiec, Drzewica


The history of the city dates back to the 10th century but the first documents referring to Poland's capital date back only as far back as the 15th century.
In 1944 after the people of Warsaw rose up against the Nazi occupation, Hitler personally ordered the city to be razed to the ground. Thanks to the determination of Polish citizens, who in no time rebuilt the shattered city - Warsaw still exists. UNESCO put Warsaw's Old Town on the World Cultural Heritage list.
If you love music, you will be well catered for - Warsaw has plenty to offer: The Mozart Festival, the Jazz Jamboree International Festival and the Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music.
The Old Town's charming little streets and alleys are home to numerous galleries, cafes and restaurants. The Old Town Square is always a busy place late at night.

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