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European vacation: Lysa Gora / Lysa Mountain
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  • Localization: Lysa Gora / Lysa Mountain

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City: Sandomierz, Kielce, Kazimierz Dolny Spas: Busko Zdroj National Parks: Swietokrzyski PN Interesting: Krzemionki, Lysa Gora, Jaskinia Raj, Ujazd, Tokarnia (Muzeum Wsi Kieleckiej), Emilcin Castle: Baranow Sandomierski, Janowiec

Lysa Gora

They say that there is nothing interesting in Lysa Gora (Bald Mountain) but for over 2000 years this seemingly ordinary mountain has been a site of the occult. From as early as the 2nd century AD, people have smelted steel in over 1000 furnaces at the foot of the mountain. It was the biggest steelworks in Europe at the time.
The top of the mountain is believed to have been inhabited by witches and devils for centuries. Apparently, witchcraft ceremonies and rites used to take place here.

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