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The land of thousand attractions

Mazuria is one of the few regions in Europe that have preserved their original, primeval wildlife, while at the same time offer a very well developed tourist base. Hundreds of lakes, forests untouched by human foot and a tourist base create opportunities for utilization of the various attractions in combinations unheard of elsewhere.
TIt is only here that the day can start with a course in ice diving and ice sailing on a frozen lake, continue with skiing in the afternoon while in the evening you can enjoy one of the numerous tourist attractions Mazurian towns have on offer. Early in the morning the sunrise at one of the lakes is a must. Obviously, your Mazurian holiday schedule can be totally different because Mazuria is a land of thousand lakes and just as many tourist attractions

The climate - what to expect
The Mazurian climate is akin to that of Scandinavia. A short summer and autumn and a long winter. Here, the coolest spot of Poland is located. Winter is excellent time to observe wildlife, extremely easy to track during that season, to ski, ice-sail, practice diving under ice and ice fishing. In summer, this kingdom of lakes offers sailing and motorboat opportunities, along with all other water-related attractions. Walking, tours and trekking expeditions can be practiced all year round as the conditions here seem to be tailor-made for that. The same applies to rides in horse-drawn carts, off-road rallies and quads.

Mysterious islands and other interesting locations
A year after WWII broke out, major Fritz Todt was assigned a task by Hitler to build the Wolf's Lair (Wolfschanze), one of the most mysterious compounds of World War II, consisting of an airstrip, railway siding and several-storey underground installations. This location witnessed a spectacular assassination attempt at Hitler's life. A number of interesting facilities of the Wolf's Lair can still be visited today. Similar compounds are located in the village of Pozezdrze, at the Węgorzewo-Giżycko route, where the Field Headquarters of Heinrich Himmler - the Headquarters of the Army Command "Mauerwald" - is located. A touch of even more distant history can be found at the municipality of Grunwald. Here, the most important and one of the largest battles of the medieval age was fought. The opposing armies were the powerful Teutonic Knights Order and the united forces of Poles, Czechs, Lithuanians and Russians. The battle is re-played every year attracting over 3000 knight brotherhoods from all over Europe! The event takes place in July. In Malbork, not far away from there, a Teutonic Order castle is located; a huge structure, still in excellent condition, which attracts scores of tourist owing to its appearance and related history. The Dobskie Lake has an island famous for the magic of the holy grove and settlement of Galida folk. A hilly island with beautiful forests reveals the remnants of a 13th century town and shrines. The Teutonic Knights also managed to built as small castle there. The island itself is a zone of silence as it is a nature reserve. It is believed that the island is a source of mysterious energy. Looking for breath-taking views? You must visit the Mazurian Landscape Park. An encounter with a wolf or elk is not uncommon and a bird paradise is at hand for bird lovers - over 200 species have their habitats here.

Something for the fans of extreme adventure
You want to experience night-time diving under ice to explore the shipwreck of Arabella towing ship sitting 33 meters below the surface? If you're inexperienced,to w Mazurskim Centrum Nurkowym (www.mcn.mazury.pl) znajdziesz professional instructors will assist you, teach you scuba diving so that you can get relevant licenses and skills in just a couple of days. This is really an adventures for the tough people only! Or for would-be tough guys.
Safety on ice

  • Always leave a message where you are and when you expect to be back
  • Always go in a company
  • If you're not certain about the thickness of the ice cover, take a rope and fasten it to yourself and your companion
  • While walking, hit the ice with a stick every couple of steps
If, instead of damp and the chills of adrenaline down your spine, you want to get the taste of real freedom and the blows of whipping wind, ice sailing boats are the thing for you. A genuine revival of this sport is taking place right now. New equipment, such as iceflyers (a ice-sailing boat with a windsurfing sail) and iceboards (ice windsurfing board) have been created recently. No need to worry about the thickness of the ice cover and the right place for practicing. The winter here is tough enough, which guarantees the proper ice thickness, and the lakes are more than plenty. You'll also find genuine professionals here who take part in competitions on a regular basis and can teach you how to ice-sail really good. If you're in for ice sailing, Caligula hotel in Mikołajki is the place to stay (caligula@caligula.pl). Here you can perfect your ice-sailing skills under the supervision of experienced instructors and at the same time chase the wind with them on the biggest lake of Poland. For hose who love real speed, the hosts prepared a gigantic ice-sailing boat for ice sliding, which can reach the speed of as much as 80 kph. Obviously, the hotel offers full board and accommodation. If you're the type of person that doesn't mind sitting on the frozen lake with a fishing rod with -20 degrees Celsius around, Mazuria is the perfect place for you. Dream-like conditions for ice fishing attract the biggest fans of this activity. Due to the popularity of this sport, certain regulations are in place, provided in the frame above. Tired of sailing on ice and night time diving? Well, we have something more traditional for you. The Piękna Góra offers three chair lifts, artificially snowed hills and a sleighing track as well as ski equipment rentals, hotels and restaurants.
Regulations of the Polish Angling Association - § 7 - Ice fishing (excerpt).
  • It is prohibited to use living or dead fish as bait.
  • Holes in ice for ice fishing should not be bigger than 20 cm in diameter.
  • Ice fishing during night time is prohibited.
The majority of popular holiday locations in the regions also offer horse riding lessons, quad rides, horse-drawn carts and horse-drawn sleighs with additional attractions, paintball competitions, trekking and guided tours.

Mazuria is an exceptionally attractive region to visit both in winter and summertime. It's worthwhile to spend a couple of weeks there to get to know its attractions and bring many breath-taking pictures and unforgettable memories.

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