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Agroturystyka U Andrzeja
21-505 Janów Podlaski, Podborna 29

Price / day: 5 GPB

phone(0-83) 341-34-86

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Agroturystyka Sami Swoi
21-505 Janów Podlaski, Bubel-Łukowiska 17

Price / day: 4 GPB

phone(0-32) 285-25-95

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Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne Rządcówka
Kamionka, Kozłówka 8

Price / day: 18 GPB

phone(0-81) 852-82-20

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Pensjonat Uroczysko Zaborek
Janów Podlaski,

Price / day: 22 GPB

phone(083)341 30 68

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Interesting: Kozlowek, Janow Podlaski, Castle: Lubartow

Eastern Part

In the eastern part of Poland it is worth paying a visit to //Kazimierz Dolny// where you can find three historical crosses on a nearby mountain. From here you can take a route to //Bialowieski// National Park which has been included by UNESCO among world's greatest wildlife reserves. It is a home to aurochs, which are now endangered species. In //Krupia//, //Lublin//, //Kazimierz// and //Janowiec// there are amazing castles waiting for those who are interested in history and architecture.

This part of Poland also has other interesting monuments of nature such as those in //Czerniki//, or St. Stanislas church dated from 1612, and a fortified castle from 1615. There are numerous cycling and tourist routes. //Lublin// has plenty historical routes; it hosts national festival of bugle-calls and many other events for older as well as younger audience. You will find here16th century The Crown Tribunal the highest Law Court of the province of //Malopolska//. 14th century chapel is another claim to fame for the city. City //Zamosc// which is on UNESCO's World Heritage List was one of three Polish cities that were able to withstand a Swedish siege in 1656.City //Chelm// is old town with amazing mountain in the centre, with an old church on the top.

This region's cuisine is similar to that of Bieszczady and central Poland. I have not corrected this file as it is identical to 5-2 - Dave

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