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European vacation: Pomerania
European vacation in Poland - choose a place

14-107 Karnity, Gierzwałd 45

Price / day: 5 GPB


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Dom Aisza
84-104 Rozwie, Borharda

Price / day: 9 GPB


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Zblewo, Chojnicka 21a

Price / day: 26 GPB

phone (0 58) 58 84 547

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Gdynia, Armii Krajowej 22 22

phone(0) 58 666 30 40

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Hotel Nadmorski
Gdynia, Ejsmonda 2

Price / day: 78 GPB

phone(0-58) 699-33-33

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Rancho >>Zielony Koń
Sorkwity, Borowski Las 1

Price / day: 10 GPB

phone(089) 742 73 37

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ABAK Pokoje Gościnne
Gdańsk, Beethovena 8

Price / day: 16 GPB

phone/58/ 322 04 40

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City: Chalupy, Jastarnia, Hel, Gdynia, Sopot, Gdansk, Braniewo, Rozewie Interesting: Dworzec w Gdansku Castle: Malbork, Sztum, Kwidzyn


//Pomorze// is mostly famous for its charming beaches, rough but amazing and clear sea, as well as facilities readily available for tourists. There are also two important cities - //Gdansk// and //Gdynia//. Those who love sunbathing, discos, cool beer and all sorts of entertainment and sport will have a great time here. So will those who like fishing, walking or cycling. There are also plenty of places for those who like learning about history.

The Baltic Sea has been known for centuries as a mine of amber. You will have a unique opportunity to pick some amber pieces yourself here. Thanks to its health resorts and unique microclimate, the coastline is full of life even during wintertime. A visit to this region gives you a great chance to see //Słowiński// National Park and learn more about the history of World War 2. It is also worth to pay a visit to a seal conservatory, old fishermen's settlements or a drawbridge on the river //Wieprz//. Apart from that there are also many other interesting historical and contemporary attractions.//Gdansk// is the beautiful city and northern port of modern-day Poland. 17th century Neptune's Fountain, 16th century High Gate originally welcomed visitors to //Gdansk//. This is only a few attractions of city. Don't forget that it's a cradle of //Solidarnosc// Solidarity.

Amateurs of good food will love pike-perch, cod or pike in a horseradish sauce with potatoes, and a delicious homemade sour soup called //zurek//. (I have not corrected this file because it tis identical to 1-1)

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