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European vacation: South
European vacation in Poland - choose a place

Zakopane, Witkiewicza 16D

Price / day: 13 GPB

phone018 20 66989

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Kazimierz Apartment

Price / day: 12 GPB

phone609 67 36 64

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Dom Wczasowy Giewont
34-531 Zakopane, Budzowa 3b

phone 018 2084007

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Hotel Giewont
34-500 Zakopane, Kościuszki 1

phone+48 (0) 18 201 20 11

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43-400 Cieszyn, Motelowa 21

phone+48 (0) 33 851 69 00

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Hotel Krystyna
Kraków, Lusińska 9A

Price / day: 20 GPB

phone(012) 654 71 91

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U Pana Cogito Pensjonat i Restauracja
Kraków, Bałuckiego 6

Price / day: 52 GPB

phone012/ 269 72 00

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Poland wczasy Poland wakacje
Wczasy w Polsce wczasy
City: Krakow, Zakopane, Bialka Tatrzanska, Bukowina Tatrzanska, Ustron, Szczyrk Spas: Rabka National Parks: Babiogorski PN, Tatrzanski PN Interesting: Mloszowa, Oswiecim, Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, Gora Zar, Wieliczka, Wawelski Lotos Castle: Ojcow, Rudno, Babice

Southern Poland

has a boundless variety of attractions, starting from beautiful cities such as truly magical Cracow //Krakow//, through industrial //Katowice// or //Zakopane//, which is especially amazing during winter. There is also a historical concentration camp in Auschwitz //Oswiecim// - "death factory" - evoking the most tragic time in the history of humanity. Finally, the region is populated by various ethnic groups of Silesia, Cracow and Tatra Mountains //Tatry//.

A distinctive character of Silesia region offers everything to those looking for adventure. Although it is a land of coalmines, steel and heavy industry it also abounds in lively cultural events. Cracow is extremely difficult to present in a nutshell - many Poles feel it is the country's capital. Everybody can find something of his/her interest. The highest quality is always guaranteed. Close by, there is a salt mine //Wieliczka//, the only salt mine which has been so well preserved. It has been mined for over 700 years. Now you can find there amazing underground city with churches, lakes and salt sculptures. UNESCO placed the //Wieliczka// Salt Mine among world's major monument as Pyramids. //Zakopane// - is the land of mountain ranges, where folk lifestyle is at its best. It is famous for its great snowfalls, great restaurants and wildlife. Southern Poland is full of life during winter as well as summer. Despite the fact that it has been heavily industrialised, it still is a standstill of wildlife: there are two beautiful National Parks: //Babiogorski// and //Ojcowski// with hundreds of spacious and beautiful caves, including cave //Raj//. Amazingly picturesque regions of //Jura Krakowsko-Czestochowska// add to the quality of the region. The whole of southern Poland abounds in fortresses and castles, each of which tells its own history and legends. We specially recommend a route called //Orle Gniazda//. The //Czestochowa// city - the major religious shrines in the Christian world. It's the third after Lourdes (France) and Fatima (Portugal) so popular place among pilgrims.

Cuisine amateurs will find it difficult to forget delicacies of southern Poland. Fragrant roast potatoes with vegetables, bacon and sausage with a glass of sour milk or potato dumplings and pork chops, or a special kind of cheese called //oscypek// and roasted lamb… yummy! (I have not corrected this file because it is identical to 2-5 - Dave)

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