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Viki Mierzeja
82-120 Krynica Morsk, Nowa 17

phone+48 /55/ 247-63-94

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Hotel Mercure Mrongovia
Mrągowo, Giżycka 6

phone(0) 89 743 31 00

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Alicja Wypych
14-100 Ostróda, Górka 8b

Price / day: 8 GPB

phone+48 089 646 46 51

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Stadnina Koni Kierzbuń

Price / day: 9 GPB

phone089 514 34 91

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Novotel w Olsztynie
10-802 Olsztyn, Sielska 4a

phone(0) 89 522 05 00

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AWACO - Jeziorowskie
11-612 Kruklanki, Jeziorowskie 16

Price / day: 13 GPB

phone087 421 71 52

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Hotel Przy Bramie
Lidzbark Warmiński, Konstytucji 3 maja 18

phone0 89 767 20 99

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City: Mikolajki, Olsztyn Interesting: Gierloz, Botkuny Castle: Lidzbark


Forests, lovely villages and captivating lakes will especially attract those who love sailing, kayaking and diving. There are 42 lakes. In some of them you can find sunken shipwrecks. You will also find all tourist facilities here. Keen walkers and cyclists will love it here, especially if they like nature combined with an abundance of historical monuments.

Among the many highlights of this region, the following are the most interesting: //Grunwald//, the site of the greatest medieval battle, numerous castles that belonged to the Knights of the Teutonic Order, Poland's highest viaducts, an unusual bridge, a unique narrow-gauge railway, and a popular festival of country music which is held annually in //Mragowo//. There are also many stables offering horse riding lessons, and the beautiful //Wigierski// National Park with over 200 different species of birds.

Gourmets will enjoy delicious regional dishes such as: stewed pike or catfish with onion, cream and lemon or a traditional soup called //czernica//, famous for its great taste and history - it used to be given as a sign of refusal to a young man asking for a girl's hand.

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