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90-368 Łódź, Piłsudskiego 11

phone+48 (0) 42 638 67 00

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90-102 Łódź, Piotrkowska 72

Price / day: 67 GPB

phone42 633 99 20

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05-127 Białobrzegi,

Price / day: 26 GPB

phone768 04 25

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Hotel Płock
Płock, Jachowicza 38

Price / day: 37 GPB


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Roboert Witkowski
Rzepiszew, 51

Price / day: 8 GPB


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09-400 Płock, AL.JACHOWICZA 49

phone(0) 24 262 44 51

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Łódź, Legionów 81

Price / day: 21 GPB


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City: Lodz, Plock Interesting: Piatek, Nieborow, Arkadia, Lichen Castle: Uniejow, Leczyca

Central Poland

Geographically, Central Poland is also the heart of Europe. The geographical centre of Poland is located exactly in a small town called //Piatek//. Warsaw //Warszawa//, the country's capital, also belongs to this region. It has a rich and interesting history (the beautiful Old City which was included on the UNESCO World's Heritage List) and a great many attractions. Also there is thefamous //Palac Kultury i Nauki// Palace of Culture and Science - a building which is 234 metres high, and //Kolumna Zygmunta// the Sigmunt Column - an interesting monument comemorating a famous Polish king.

Apart from offering special tailor-made attractions for young adventurous people, Warsaw is a place where you can visit //Lazienki Krolewskie// -a beautiful old park with numerous famous buildings. There are also many museums and galleries. Warsaw and //Piatek// are only two of the attractions in this region. Apart from these places you can also visit //Zelazowa Wola//, the birthplace of the famous composer Fryderyk Chopin, where you can see his memorabilia. //Nieborow// has one of the most beautiful private residences and an 18th century garden called //Arkadia//, where you can find many ancient buildings. In this area you will also find //Torun// - a 13th century city - birthplace of the famous astronomer Copernicus. You should also visit the//Kampinowski// National Park located in this area.

This region's cuisine includes delicacies such as tripe prepared in a regional style, beef meatballs, stewed ribs with cabbage and much more.

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