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European vacation: Bieszczady
European vacation in Poland - choose a place


Price / day: 8 GPB

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Parki Narodowy: Bieszczadzki PN Interesting: Solina Castle: Lesko, Sanok, Krasiczyn, Wegierka, Lancut


With its picturesque hills, rivers and lakes, it is the last real European wildlife reserve. This region will attract those who are looking for more than city entertainment.

Here you can find the biggest outdoor Heritage Parks in Europe and the famous Forest Railway. Lovers of walking holidays are also well catered for. //Solina// lake offers all that young tourists could possibly ask for: beaches, tourist facilities, and opportunities to participate in water sports. There are over 135 km of cycling routes. You will also find here a scenic park //Dolina Sanu// and //Bieszczadzki// National Park inhabited, among others by aurochs. //Przemysl// an old Polish town - was founded as a stronghold in the 7th century. its Well-preserved fortification can be still clearly seen today.

The main dish served here is venison. Delicious venison fillets will satisfy even the most demanding of pallettes. A special dough called //blina// will satisfy hungry walkers after daylong trips. Honey-based //kutia// will also add a taste of sweetness to your stay.

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